Mixed Root Beer Variety 6-Pack


Pop Shop’s favorite Mixed Root Beer comes with the following six types of our best soda:

  • Frostie
  • Boylan
  • Dang! Thats Good
  • Hank’s
  • Appalachian Brewing Company
  • Bulldog
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A total of (6) x 12 oz. Bottles of our best root beers.

Frostie – An old-fashioned style soda, just like Grandpa drank!

Boylan – Very rich in flavor, the hints of vanilla in this root beer make it ideal for a root beer float!

Dang! That’s Good – Balancing spicy with sweet, this root beer delivers with the perfect amount of bubbles.

Hank’s– Gourmet Root Beer from Philadelphia a store favorite.

Appalachian Brewing Company – This distinctly craft soda mixes the traditional root beer style with a hint of honey to make this our shop favorite.

Bulldog – Customers praise this root beer for having the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

We reserve the right to substitute similar flavors depending on availability.

Fun Facts

Frostie -Founded in 1939 by the Frostie Beverage Company out of Catonsville, Maryland; a suburb of Baltimore. George Rackensperger began the company in a rented out abandoned police station and jailhouse. Since then this family favorite has been sold a number of times to many different distributors and is now owned by a company in Detroit, Michigan.

Boylan -Boylan Beverage company was founded in 1891 when local Paterson, New Jersey pharmacist concocted an elixir made from birch trees and sold it out of barrels in the back a covered wagon. The success of his birch beer allowed Boylan to bottle his beverages in their now iconic conical bottles and expand his collection. Today Boylan beverages are being made in New York City.

Dang! Thats Good -Family-owned and operated by Imperial Beverage Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since the early 1960’s, owner Glen Schott had always dreamt of having his own bottled root beer. After making several tweaks to an old root beer recipe, Schott made a root beer that inspired his original taste-testers to exclaim “Dang that’s good!”. And the rest is history.

Foxon Park -Named after the street in which the company began, Foxon Park was founded by Italian Immigrant Matteo Nalcerio in New Haven, Connecticut in 1922. Since then the company has remained in the family and has continued using their tried and true original recipes. Because of the company’s Italian roots, the sodas were designed to be a delicious accompaniment to pizza.

Appalachian Brewing Company -Known by locals as ABC, this brewpub is based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has locations throughout the state. Founded in 1997 by friends Jack and Shawn who had always dreamt of owning their own brewpub. This local favorite draws customers with delicious soda, craft beers and expansive menus.

Bulldog -Bulldog root beer is the brainchild of the collaboration of Bulldog brewpub in Fresno, California and The Entrepreneurship Club at the University of California. Each year the club tackles a new idea to learn how to grow and market a product and in the spring of1997 the club set their sights on the growing world of craft soda. Since its creation, soda snobs have dubbed this soda one of the best root beers on the market.