Mixed Ginger Beer Variety 6-Pack


Pop Shop’s favorite Mixed Ginger Beer Variety Pack comes with the following Six types of our best soda:

  • Maine Root Ginger Brew
  • Cock ‘n’Bull
  • Appalachian Brewing Company Ginger Beer
  • Jamaica’s Finest from Natrona Bottling Company
  • Reading Draft Ginger Beer
  • Americana Ginger Beer

If a soda pop is out of stock we will replace with another great Ginger Beer to add in!


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A total of (6) x 12 oz. Bottles of our best sodas.

Maine Root Ginger Brew– This ginger beer is newer to the game than most of it’s competition but it packs a lasting taste. Maine root is all-natural and uses real ginger for a pure taste you’ll feel in your nose and won’t forget.

Cock ‘n’Bull– On the sweeter side, marketed to be a mixer soda. Claims to be the original mixer of the Moscow Mule from Minnesota.

Appalachian Brewing Company Ginger Beer– Another local PA soda but with a much lighter taste. This is a crisp yet very earthy ginger beer, you can almost taste the ground the ginger was grown in.

Jamaica’s Finest from Natrona Bottling Company – Also made by Red Ribbon, Jamaica’s Finest is uniquely spiced and refreshing.

Reading Draft Ginger Beer– We call this old fashioned PA soda our Goldilocks of ginger beer, not too sweet, not too spicy, just right.

Americana – A Newer Addition to the Mix, but great flavor and kick


Fun Facts

Ginger Beer  Ginger beer is the stronger, grandaddy of the ginger soda world. Having come first, ginger beer is made from first fermenting ginger (don’t worry, it has less than 0.5% alcohol and therefore is not considered to be alcoholic by the FDA). This process makes for a much stronger ginger flavor with a slight carbonation resulting from the fermentation and a fresh ginger kick in the finish.