Easter Baskets


Pre-made Easter Baskets ! A fun set of goodies in an Easter Basket with paper grass

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Each basket comes with a set of Classic Easter Treats, which are: Mini Peep, Chocolate Covered Peep, Mini Jelly Beans Box, Easter Grass Bubble Gum, Bunny Lollipop and a Jelly Bunny


Options –

The Unicorn Princess Basket:

Fairy Princess Soda, Unicorn Chocolate Bar, Cadbury Creme Egg, Fairytale Fruit Gum, Chocolate Friendship Pops, Unicorn Doo Candy Dispenser, Science Chews, Junior Mints Eggs, Hello Kitty Bunny Tin, Push Pop


The  Out of This World Basket:

Alien Snot Soda, Science Chews, Gummy Chicken Feet, Alien Lollipop, Shark Attack Candy Airplane, Whoppers Bunny Tails, Push Pop, Reese Egg


The Harry Potter Basket: (Does not include the Classic Easter Treats)

Flying Cauldron Butter Beer Soda, Chocolate Snitch, Chocolate Mystery Creature, Jelly Slugs, Playing Cards, Bertie Botts Jelly Beans, Hogwarts Castle Replica, and Chocolate Frog