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  • Backyard Picnic Pack

    Four hot dogs, four bags of chips, four sodas, four whoopie pies, and maybe a quart of ice cream! That’s enough for four people. Or, two people! We don’t judge.

    Dress your hot dogs however you like them and pick your favorite chips. Let us know what kind of sodas you’re interested in and we’ll match you with our favorite sodas and whoopie pies. If you’re after something more specific, let us know in the special requests and we’ll hook you up.

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  • Happy Go Lucky Party Pack

    If you follow quarantine updates with “But at least it’s a beautiful day!” this is the Party Pack for you. Your Happy-Go-Lucky outlook deserves some sweetness in return, so grab this collection of North Market Pop Shop treats, down a Pixy Stick, and go spread sunshine from a safe six-foot distance!

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  • Sour Power Party Pack

    Perfect for the pop-loving pessimist, this Sour Power Party Pack will give you the perfect pucker to kiss your blues goodbye. Whether you’re feeling tangy or tart, this collection of treats from the North Market Pop Shop will have you crying tears of joy.

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  • The Apopalyptic Party Pack

    Quarantine Schmarantine! This A-Pop-Alyptic Party Pack is the perfect cure for cabin fever! With a little cheer, a lot of sugar, and some dark humor, this collection of sweet treats from the North Market Pop Shop will have you giving virtual high-fives to everyone you know but haven’t seen for two weeks.

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