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  • Chocolate Lovers Survival Kit

    “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” If that’s true, gee, do the friendly folks at the North Market Pop Shop have a treat for you! This is the ideal collection of Pop Shop goodies for people cuckoo about cocoa!

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  • Harry Potter Survival Kit

    Is your house starting to feel like Azkaban? This Harry Potter survival pack is loaded with magical goodies to break the spell of boredom and make you feel like you just caught the golden snitch.

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  • Honey Survival Kit

    The best way out of any sticky situation is a little sweetness, especially when you’re supporting local artisans. Pick up this honey of a survival pack with goodies from McCutcheon’s, a family owned business in Frederick since 1938.

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  • Kawaii Survival Kit

    What’s survival without a little kawaii? This kit is 100% cute, featuring Hello Kitty candy, gummy pastries, and a Ramune soda with an opening process so fun you’ll want to record your parents’ clumsy first attempt for Youtube.

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  • Local Survival Kit

    This survival kit is jam-packed with local love. From True Treats in Gettysburg to McCutcheon’s in our own backyard, you’ll feel like you’re strolling Carroll Creek during Alive at Five with this homage to our beautiful town.

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  • Moscow Mule Survival Kit

    Survival is a dish best served in a copper cup with four varieties of ginger beer. That might not be how the quote goes, but the moscow mule was an innovative drink of its time, so we’re going with it.

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  • Movie Night Survival Kit

    Roll out the red carpet because all the stars are out tonight! Pick up this survival kit and have a cozy evening in (like you have a choice) enjoying your favorite movies, along with your favorite movie snacks!

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  • Retro Survival Kit

    This survival kit hearkens back to the good ol’ days of penny candy, nickelodeons, and mom & pop dime-stores. And since the North Market Pop Shop is the modern equivalent of those small businesses, grabbing this box of old-fashioned goodies means the world to us!

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  • Soda-Candy Pairings Survival Kit

    There’s safety in numbers, and these soda & candy combos will give you old school soda fountain vibes you’ll want to share with a friend, safely over Skype.

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  • Vegan Survival Kit

    The North Market Pop Shop prides itself on providing treats for all tastes and diets, and our Vegan Survival Kit is no different. Tell your omnivore friends to keep their sanitized hands off, because from vegan gummies to delicious cookie butter, this one is all yours!!

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