Cold Drinks

400+ Sodas

Soda Can


Red Bull


Ecto Cooler

Juice Boxes

Local Tea & Cider


McCutcheon’s Peach Iced Tea: Apple Tea, Iced Tea,
Apple Cider, Peach Cider

Calypso Various Flavors

Maine Root LemonGrass Lemonade

Bottled Water

Hot Drinks

Locally Roasted Coffee/Decaf

Chai Tea

Hot Chocolate

Herbal Raspberry Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Vegan Hot Chocolate

Special Drinks

McCutcheon’s Unfiltered Hot Apple Cider

with Mulling Spices


(Italian for drowned) — a hot float

Choice of any of our hot drinks over the top of our Trickling Springs Creamery Ice Cream


Some of our Favorites!

Hot Chocolate with Mint and Chip or Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Coffee with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Chai Tea with pumpkin Ice Cream

Coffee with Chocolate Ice Cream

*dairy free ice cream can be used instead