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Float Bar

Straight or blended

Pick any soda and any ice cream and combine to make a delicious float, either straight or blended like a milkshake.

Classic Root Beer Float

Your choice of over 50 Root Beers with Vanilla Ice Cream

Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun

Red Cream Soda with Strawberry Ice Cream

Black Forest Float

Your choice of Black Cherry Soda with Chocolate Ice Cream

Black Cow Float

Your choice of Cola with Vanilla Ice Cream

Peanut Butter and Jelly Float

Your choice of Grape Soda with Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Butterscotch Delight Float

Flying Cauldron Butter Beer with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Three Cheers Float

Cheerwine with Black Cherry Ice Cream

Berry Blast Float

Blueberry Soda with Strawberry Ice Cream

Boston Cooler

Vernors Ginger Ale with Vanilla ice cream

Pumpkin Pie Float

Pumpkin soda with pumpkin (seasonal) or vanilla ice cream

Also try with a hot drink to make an af-float-gatto


Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles
Caramel Sauce
Whipped Cream
Candy Cane Bits
Oreo Crumbles
Gummy Bears
Hot Fudge
Hot Caramel
Chocolate Chips
Mini M&M’s
Bac’n Bits

Marshmallow Fluff
Mixed Nuts
Mini Reese Cups
Mini Marshmallows
Butterfinger Bits
Peanut Butter Powder
Heath Bits
Mint Chocolate Bits
Malt Powder ($1.00)
Chocolate Malt Powder ($1.00)
Banana ($1.50)