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As you may have heard, big name soft drinks aren’t quite selling at the same rate they did years ago. Sure, these products are still popular – the industry is worth in excess of $50 billion, after all – but health concerns and a growth of alternatives have taken a bite out of the popularity of soda pop.

While that is true, a new niche market is emerging which has been growing at an impressive rate. And here are the North Market Pop Shop, we’re thrilled to be a part of it! Many have taken to calling this market ‘craft soda’ – which reflects the fact that it is still soda pop – but created in a new and interesting way. Much like craft brewing has disrupted the beer market, so too has craft soda made inroads in a field traditionally dominated by the major players.

Returning to Nature

One of the hallmarks of the craft soda craze is a focus on natural ingredients. This stems from one of the major issues that many people have with typical soft drinks from the big bottlers. The ingredients in those mainstream sodas are often hard to pronounce, and most people don’t even know what they are. Craft sodas tend to be different. These are often beverages made with ingredients known to the average person, meaning they are healthier overall. It is likely this focus on health that has helped the craft soda market grow 5% in 2016 alone.

Unique Flavors

Another one of the contributing factors to the growth of this segment is the availability of a wide-range of interesting flavors. For many years, the soda market has been bogged down with the same few flavors seen across store shelves. There are colas, lemon-lime drinks, root beer and birch beer options, and a few others. But that’s it. Thanks to the craft movement, you can now pick up fizzy drinks in many different flavors – and many of those flavors are ones you would have never expected in a soft drink. For example, various fruits have been featured in these craft sodas, as well as spices. A big part of the ability of craft soda makers to thrive in the market is offering unique tastes that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Following the Trend

It should not be a surprise to find that both of the major players in the soft drink market – Coca-Cola and Pepsico – have both gotten in on the craft soda action in recent times. Each has some brand offerings in this space, a sure sign that they see craft soda as a legitimate threat moving forward.

For those who have tired of the traditional soft drink options, or simply want a healthier beverage that still provides the fizz they crave, craft sodas are a great alternative. With so many interesting flavors available, everyone should be able to find at least one or two that perfectly quench their thirst. Here at the Pop Shop, we have more than 400 varieties of glass bottle soda and retro & vintage pop!

Given the recent growth of this industry in comparison to main stream soft drinks as a whole, it is likely we will see much more from craft soda makers in the years to come. It’s going to be exciting and we look forward to sharing these great tastes with our customers!

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