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About Our Pop Shop

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over 400 varieties of soda pop!!!

Located in downtown Frederick, Maryland, we offer a unique selection of over 400 varieties of glass bottle soda pop, cane-sugar sweetened and vintage-style soda pop. They are available in singles, four-packs, six-packs, and even by the case (24). Feel free to mix and match any brand or variety that you choose!

“Float your boat!"
Pair any soda with any ice cream!

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Cool Treats

We scoop locally sourced, farm Friend super premium Trickling Springs Creamery Ice Cream from Chambersburg, PA. The Vegan and Lactose-free can enjoy soy, rice, and coconut based scoops.

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Good Eats

Our tasty all-beef hot dogs can be heaped with locally made relishes and all the fixins. Enjoy them one by one or with your favorite glass bottled soda. Our West Virginia Custard Stand sloppy joes or Vegan sloppy are great for a dinner or a snack and are just like your momma used to make.


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